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tv   [untitled]    June 20, 2013 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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i'll leave my comments at that and turn it over to chris and answer any questions you have at the end of the public hearing. good afternoon, commissioners, my name is chris. i work for [speaker not understood]. before i talk at all about the nature of our business and how we operate, i wanted to address a couple of misperceptions that have swirled throughout this process. the first is that chipotle is owned by mcdonald's. we are not. we've been in business for 20 years. for 7 of those years mcdonald's was an investor in our company, but they've been entirely divested since october of 2006.
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and the other is that somehow we magically outmaneuvered or outbid local restaurateur for this space. we did not. there was an independent restaurateur interested in the space prior to chipotle and when their negotiations got so far as exploring the very convoluted circumstances surrounding the liquor license associated with this space, they withdrew and that's when we got into the space. with those sort of out of the way, when we think about the variables that contribute to making an outstanding food culture that we very much enjoy in a city like san francisco, the things that come to mind are access to the best of local foods, beautifully or produce grown by local farms, animals
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raised in humane ways by farmers who emphasize the use of care over chemicals, food artisans who are making cheeses and cured meats in very traditional classic ways and always trying to elevate the quality of what they do. those are the kind of things that are the an advertise sis of what one would expect in a chain restaurant. ~ they're exactly what we do at chipotle. we are a chef founded and chef-run company. while we expanded beyond our original vision of having only one restaurant and now having many and meeting the definition of formula retail, the company still very much runs around the ethos of a chef owned or chef-run restaurant. so, our business is really built on finding the best sources, more sustainable sources for all of the
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ingredients we use. we began that quest when we started working with bill nyman here in the bay area who was one of the pioneers of the sustainable food movement. and since we began that, we've accomplished a number of things that are firsts for a chain restaurant. we are the first chain restaurant to serve all naturally raised meat from animals raised in a human way without the use of hormones or antibiotics. 3 we're the only chain restaurant commit today organic and locally own produce. we used more than 2 million pounds of produce grown by local family farms and we're the only national restaurant company committed to using dairy products for us, that's cheese and sour cream made from milk from cows that are raised on open pasture. in fact, one of our primary cheese partners is not far from here, the petaluma creamery which is an outstanding award
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winning artisanal cheese company. similarly, the way we hire, train, and develop people flies in the face of conventional chain restaurant wisdom where ours is an industry that's really characterized by providing low-waged dead-end jobs. that's not what we do. we promote 97% of our managers from within the ranks of our crew and regardless of one's position, we offer competitive wages and benefits that include health care, access to 401(k) participation, paid vacation, and bonuses. and the way we market our business is very, very different than other chain restaurants. it's not aggressive discounting efforts to steal share from other restaurants. it's more evangelizing for a movement, sustainable food movement. in fact, we hosted an event in golden gate park just a couple
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of weeks ago where 40,000 people turned out and enjoyed food not only prepared by our team of chefs, but by some of the best chefs from the area and a number of food artisans from the area. these are really the hallmarks of our business. while under the math we very much qualify as formula retail, the way we run our restaurants and the way we behave as a business really flies in the face of most formula retail. certainly in terms of the way most chain restaurants are operated. so, with that i will conclude my remarks. i would also add that we do have other members of our project team here, actually one more quick point before i conclude. when we began this process, we knew that there would be opposition just given the
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character of the neighborhood and the nature of our business, but we've also been really pleased by the level of support. the opposition we've seen has been in no way overwhelming or universal, and in fact, the support we've received has been truly remarkable and very, very strong. and in the opening remarks you heard the figures, numbers of petitions signed and merchants immediately surrounding the site signing on in support of our project, dozens of letters and e-mails submitted in support of our opening a restaurant in the castro. with that i will conclude my remarks. we have additional members of our project team who can help address any questions that you may have. thank you. >> thank you. okay. opening it up for public comment and there are a number of cards here. so, i'll call a bunch of names. if you want to line up on this side of the room, -- >> there is a request for an
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organized 15-minute block. ~ thank you, commissioners. good afternoon, my name is pat tura. i am president of duboce triangle neighborhood association. first of all, i want to acknowledge as we just heard, chipotle is a very successful $2.8 billion enterprise with very successful stock that closed at $350 a share today. chipotle definitely struck the heart of america with their organic marketing and positioning, but i'd also like to read you what was posted -- reported in the huffington post this morning. chipotle can't escape gmos. the recent chain became the first fast-food chain to label the ingredients used to contain gmos. the list is deep.
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in its website, not in its store, 12 out of the 24 ingredients listed on the site indicate gmos. the organic positioning has allowed them to open 1200 restaurants across the country. however, like every other formula retail restaurant, they depend on quantity to meet the demands of their business. while we all know that petaluma creamery is a wonderful place, how many of these 1400 stores can they supply and to make a $2.8 billion business? >> please stand by; change of captioners
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>> we have $25,000 square feet of new commercial space coming on to market street. we need a vision for market. if we run after every vacantcy on the street and